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Kim Heechul “How’s My New Signature?” … Fans “An Unintentional Sense Of Fashion”

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Kim Heechul “How’s My New Signature?” … Fans “An Unintentional Sense Of Fashion”

Post by LuRVeHeeChul on Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:14 pm

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On the 24th, Kim Heechul left a tweet on his twitter “How’s my signature? It’d be too tiring if (I) continue (with my old signature), so this is a mature and simple new signature, anyone who sees it will have the feeling that this is Kim Heechul’s signature.” tagged along with a photo.

Kim Heechul’s previous signature is a cute face character. But now written in the photo above is only the ‘Hee’ in Kim Heechul’s name.

Fans left comments such as “Really symbolises Kim Heechul” “Signing (this) a hundred times seem like it could be done in a hundred second” “Seem to have created a sense of fashion unintentionally, the ink doesn’t seem to have dried up” showing overwhelming responses.

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