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Siwon & Donghae To Start Filming Taiwanese Drama Next Year?

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Siwon & Donghae To Start Filming Taiwanese Drama Next Year? Empty Siwon & Donghae To Start Filming Taiwanese Drama Next Year?

Post by LuRVeHeeChul on Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:11 pm

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Last May, we found out that Super Junior‘s Siwon and Donghae were cast in an upcoming Taiwanese drama, Extravagant Challenge, with Taiwanese singer-actress Ariel Lin. However, months had passed and we still had not heard any developments about this news.

Finally, after much speculation that the drama will not pursue due to various pre-production problems, reports have revealed that filming of this Japanese manga-soon-to-be-Taiwanese drama will start around March next year.

Although some are worried with the language problem, they don’t have to be concerned since the two are known to be hardworkers among Super Junior members. Without a doubt, Siwon and Donghae are already preparing for this despite their busy schedule.

Extravagant Challenge is an adaptation of the Japanese manga Skip Beat!, a story that revolves around a girl, Kyoko, who chases her childhood friend turned superstar, Sho, but ends up being broken-hearted. She then seeks revenge by beating him in show business instead and meets another guy, Ren, who will help her achieve her goals.

Quite an interesting storyline, isn’t it?

On the other hand, Siwon has just finished Oh! My Lady and started Athena (which hasn’t aired yet) this year, but now he has another pending drama to take care of! As for Donghae, who has always expressed his desire to try acting, Extravagant Challenge will be his first drama experience.

Definitely a lot of you readers can’t wait for Siwon to show his acting skills in another role and for Donghae’s acting debut! Then who do you think these two will be playing? Who will play Sho? How about Ren? We all can’t wait to find this one out!

Source: KRMTV
Translation: gALIENa521 @sj-world.net
Credit: cece @gyuhyun.net
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