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Pro-gamer Talks about his Friendship with Kyuhyun

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Pro-gamer Talks about his Friendship with Kyuhyun Empty Pro-gamer Talks about his Friendship with Kyuhyun

Post by LuRVeHeeChul on Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:15 am

Since we are talking about hobbies, this came into my mind. You’ve caught people’s interest before with your close relation with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Please tell us how you came to know him and how close you are with him.

I came to know him thanks to Seo Kyungjong commentator. I first knew him three years ago. Seo Kyungjong was drinking with Kyuhyun and he called me to come out. I didn’t believe it at first. He told me Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was beside him. I told him not to lie to me and then asked him to let me to talk to Kyuhyun. The voice sounded same as Kyuhyun’s. So I went there thinking I’m getting fooled and he was really there (laughs). When I talked to him, it seemed as if he knew Star Craft really well and liked the game. He told me before March 3, 2007, he didn’t like me because he liked my opponent (laughs). He told me when he actually saw me in person, he came to like me afterward.

Seo Kyungjong player set you up. Then do you often call each other?

I didn’t do anything for him, but Kyuhyun hyung gave me concert tickets. Also, when I told him I like SNSD’s Jessica, he took me to see the musical “Legally Blonde.” He made it possible for me to shake hands with Jessica. So it was really good (laughs). He treats me so well that I’m thankful to him. I can’t do a lot for him, so I want to tell him come to the final game. But since I can’t go to the final game… (laughs).

He was actually going to come to the Winner’s league final game. But he was in an accident the day before. I was so surprised, so I called him. He said he got hurt, so he had to rest. But he called me before the final game to tell me to do well and to definitely win. Thanks to him, I think I was able to pull my spirit up and was able to win.

*Some parts of the article were omitted.

Source: Fomos
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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