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[cy] Lee Teuk Update - 231210

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[cy] Lee Teuk Update - 231210

Post by LuRVeHeeChul on Sun Dec 26, 2010 10:19 am

Leeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2010.12.23 목 18.40

..Merry Christmas~^^..
..Thank you thank you I love you..
..Shivering and waiting for us during the cold winter to give us support..
..Perspiring during the hot summer to give us support..
..Really thankful to all of you for giving us so much love..
..As the days goes by(,) the more I respect this love that you are giving us..
..The people that makes me cry and laugh when I think about them now..
..I respect all of you a lot now..your names are called ‘FAN’….

Credits: 박정수미니홈피
From Korean to Chinese: E @ JSHOLIC.COM
From Chinese to English: ★//囧酥餅 @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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